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Accounting Practitioners
Symposium Tour
November 20 - 24, 2017
Designed for Accounting Professionals
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"All informative, nice to learn how others are practicing business. Jeff is very knowledgeable and full range of topics -
software, computers, data storage, etc. Liked David's presentation on Client Track."
"Very informative session - right blend of ideas, technology for practitioners."
"Learned alot of new information to benefit my business."
"Great information delivered in an entrepreneurial spirit. Different perspective on how to look at overhead costs
(outsourcing) using technology to handle paperwork."
"Fantastic compliment of information."
Tour Statistics
The Accounting Practitioners Symposium tours have been a success and it wouldn't have been possible without all the
attendees, support from our sponsors and and for Jeff Boschowa; our main speaker. Here are the results based on all
previous Symposium tours:
Stats Based on Symposium Tours Between 2013 - Present
1,236 total attendees over 12 different cities across Canada
32 different sponsors have taken part in the Symposium tours thus far
• Average attendees per city increased from 31 to 40
• 'Cloud', 'new technology' and 'data management' were ranked as most popular interesting topics
• 93% of attendees that responded said 'Yes' to attending Symposium for the first time
• 98% of attendees that responded rated the Symposium overall as 'good' to 'excellent'
• 97% of attendees that responded rated on the value of information given at the Symposium show as
  'good' to 'excellent'
• 96% of attendees that responded said 'Yes' in using the information to make changes to their own practice
• 96% of attendees that responded said 'Yes' in considering in attending the Symposium shows in the future
• 96% of attendees that responded said 'Yes' in recommending the Symposium to their colleagues and other
  Accounting Professionals.
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